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Essex Basketball League Schedule 2008/9



Thur 9th



94 - 78 Win


Fri 24th



90 - 69 Win


Fri 31st






Fri 7th



79 - 53 Win


Fri 14th



20 - 0 Win


Tue 18th



91 - 86 Win



Wed 17th





Fri 12th






Fri 16th



93 - 74 Win


Fri 23rd



87 - 90 Loss


Thu 29th



20 - 0 Win



Tue 10th



57 - 77 Loss


Wed 25th



91 - 69 Win



Thu 5th



94 - 75 Win


Fri 20th



81 - 75 Win


Fri 27th



103 - 60 Win


Sun 29th



88 - 64 Win



Sun 19th



90 - 61 Win



Mon 4th



73 - 91 Loss

Whilst we try to be as accurate as possible, the schedule can change so it would be wise to confirm dates and times before travelling.

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Match Report

Erks 73 Brightlingsea Hammers 91

Erks' hopes of adding to the league title were finished by Brightlingsea as the Hammers added the playoff title to the cup title they won last weekend. With Erks having won the league title from Brightlingsea, and Brightlingsea having won the cup, it was down to the final game of the season to see who could come out on tops in Essex basketball and Erks came up short.

The difference between the teams was Hammers' Joe Matthews, who led all scorers with a game high 39 points. The game was evenly poised for the first quarter and a half with the lead changing hands on several occasions. 3 minutes into the second quarter, Dench hit 2 three pointers to give Erks a 31 - 29 lead. Erks then went scoreless for 6 minutes whilst Hammers went on a 16 - 0 run, a lead they never looked back on.

Erks rallied at the end of the half with an 8 - 2 run to cut the score at the break to just 8 points (47 - 39). However, a decisive 3rd quarter with Hammers taking it 25 - 13 meant Erks had an uphill battle going into the 4th quarter trailing 72 - 52. One final flurry at the start of the 4th with Erks hitting a 10 - 2 run wasn't quite enough as Hammers hit back again and ran out deserved winners.

Erks scorers:

Mark Denchfield 24; Robin French 6; Martin Overare 2; Keith Pringle 11; Poitr Prazych 21; Garbage Time Dave Churches 7; Jonny Lee 2; Lee Atkinson; Shaq

Following the presentation of the playoff medals; Erks were presented with their league winners medals and the league trophy. Coach Declan McCusker picked up the league trophy, a trophy he last picked up 19 years ago as a player with "Old Fitz" - a team featuring numerous "now retired" Erks players including John Powell and Gary Glennard.

Erks final rally this season will be at the Caister festival of basketball from 15 to 17 May - with ex Erks Shab Niaz; Shakey & Craig Pringle all looking to feature - alongside Declan McCusker; Keith Pringle, Mark Denchfield; Jonny Lee, Poitr Prazych & Robin French.

Match Report

Erks 90 - Southend Scorpions 61

Sunday 19th April, 2009 @Erks

Although League Winners, the Erks new that playing fourth place Scorpions would not be a walkover. They'd been given two tough games in the League and Scorpions had finished the season strongly to secure the last play-off spot.

That said, Erks walked out comfortable winners, winning all four quarters. Coach McCusker laid out his gameplan, pointing out the blatantly obvious lack of height in the opposing team. For some inexplicable reason and for only the second time this season G.T. Churches heeded this advice and rooted himself to the low post. The big men of Churches, Lee, Prazych and McCusker contributing to half the Erks score with their tough inside play and domination of the boards.

Erks started strongly and were up by 9 at the end of the first quarter. A not quite so strong second quarter saw them win it by 3 thanks to a Drenchfield 3 pointer off the last play. Even the ageing Keith Pringle managed to get on the scoresheet in this quarter, clearly hampered by the long journey, lack of warm-up and the onset of arthritis.

The second half resulted in more of the same, although by now the opposition were really laying on the trash talk, clearly forgetting that this has more impact when 20 points up instead of 20 points down... Erks best quarter of the game saw them pull away further and more or less wrap the game up. A Lee Atkinson stand saw the Scorpions no 9 earn himself a charging foul and a bruised ego - having bounced off the lightest player on court and ending up on his arse. His ego was further dented with a block by GT on the 3 point line on their next offence. Even Keith Pringle managed to get on the scoresheet again, taking his tally to just 4. His lowest score since senior school, nearly 37 years ago. Drench again having the last shot of the quarter, but this time airballing from just 52 feet.

The final quarter was a little subdued, as by now the Erks were nearly 30 points ahead. A McCusker lay-up cum shot-jump began the last quarter. The Scorpions last throw of the dice was to try and confuse the Erks man-to-man defence by substituting 3 players every 17 seconds. A tactic that clearly didn't work, as this resulted in them making their lowest score in the four quarters. Jonny Lee wrapped up proceedings by holding his nerve to make the final two three throws - even having time to then get back on D to block the final shot of the game.

As to which of the big men deserved the MVP is a close call, although Drench did score 41 points of which 11 were 3 pointers - but clearly shows that he's just a big-time Charlie with a one-dimensional game....

Erks Scorers:

Drenchfield 41, Prazych 20, Churches 17, Lee 4, McCusker 4, Pringle 4

Match Report

Erks 78 - Saints 69

Friday 3rd April, 2009 @Erks

Following the thrashing Erks gave Saints last week, Saints came into this cup semi final looking for revenge and went home empty handed and out of the cup.

With more players at Saints disposal, including 6ft 9" Hughes, and England under 16 captain Hart, Saints looked to be closing in on victory until a 4th quarter close out by the Erks snatched the "W".

Mark Denchfield couldn't repeat last week's performance and chipped in 6 points for a season low but, once again, it was the Polish superstar, Pete Prazych who led all scorers with 31.

Erks took the first quarter by 22 - 17 but Saints flew back in the second to take a 1 point lead at the half 38 - 37.

The third quarter belonged to Saints, and in particular Hart as Saints raced out to lead 60 - 52 going into the 4th.

However, defence won the day as Erks closed out the game 26 - 9 in the final quarter with Keith Pringle shutting down danger man Emptage and when Gargabe Time Dave Churches and Pete closed out the big men, it was left to Martin Overare to hit 8 points in the quarter for a satisfying win.

In his post match interview, Saints coach commented "I tried to take the pressure off my team by wearing my new outfit from Mister Byrites so that everyone would be concentrating and laughing at me and forgetting my team. Whilst everyone did laugh at me and my outfit, the strategy fell somewhat short (a little bit like my legs)."

Erks now play Brightlinsea in the final on Saturday 25 April (venue to be confirmed).

Erks scorers:

Mark Denchfield 6; Shaq 6; Robin; Martin 8; Twinkle Toes Lee Atkinson 2; Keith Pringle 12; Jonny Lee 4; Pete 31; Garbage Time Dave Churches 9


Hart 19 (12 of them on Robin in the 3rd quarter); Emptage 18

Match Report

Stealers 64 - Erks 88

Sunday 29th March, 2009 @Stealers

Erks broke Brightlingsea's 6 year hold on the Essex league title with an ultimately comfortable victory over the Stealers. The heroes of the Erks performance were the versatile forward/centre combo Piotr Prazych and Dave Churches, who combined for 62 points in a stunning display of outside shooting, post moves and strong play under the basket, almost all admittedly from Pete.

The game was evenly contested for the first half, as the Stealers rallied back from a 27-18 deficit to take the lead at 35-34 largely behind the strong play of their big men Purcell and Dexter. However Keith Pringle sparked a 9-0 run to end the half, as he drove and was fouled twice and then went coast to coast to hit an "and 1" on the buzzer to give the Erks a 43-35 lead.

That lead extended to 55-37 as the Erks came out firing on all cylinders, or rather Pete did. The Polish swingman rained down three treys and attacked the basket with equal success to hit 20 of the Erks 27 points in the quarter, the other 7 being scored by Mark Denchfield. The score at this point was 70-49, and with several Stealers in foul trouble and the Erks having resolved some of their earlier defensive difficulties by stepping up the man to man and putting Jonny Lee on their big guy, the game was up for the hosts.

The final quarter was a scrappy affair, but the Erks held on comfortably and extended their final margin to 24 points behind a further 15 points from Prazych, who by this point had half the Saffron Walden team in his face, but still couldn't miss. The Pole hit the highest personal tally in living memory for an Erks player with a sensational 58 points (which could have been 60 had he not been blocked going to the hoop with the last play of the game), to lead the Erks to a long awaited title and end the Sledgehammers domination of the Essex scene.

The Essex league is likely to finish a 3 way tie between Hammers, Saints and Erks, but with the Erks holding the head to head over both teams, and also the 3 way tie-breaker courtesy of their 43 point hammering of Steve Pearl's side on Friday, their lead is now unassailable.

Erks Scorers: Prazych 58, Denchfield 12, Pringle 10, Churches 4, Lee 2, Williams 2, French, McCusker, Atkinson.

Stealers: Purcell 20, Dexter 12, Charlwood 10, Predidzius 9, Clay 8, Haselton 5

Match Report

Erks 103 - Saints 60

Friday 27th March, 2009 @Erks

Erks gained revenge in emphatic style for their earlier defeat in the season to Saints and, in the process, opened the league title up again. Erks win now means Saints, Brightlinsea and Erks are all on 2 losses so remaining games will be the key to the league title with all 3 having tough away fixtures to contend with.

Erks flew out to a 13 - 0 lead with Keith Pringle & Mark Denchfield hitting 3 pointers and Twinkle Toes Lee Atkinson hitting a couple of trade mark shots from the corner. Once Saints stepped up the marking on Erks' shooters, Pete Prazych & Garbage Time Dave Churches punished them inside.

Erks led at the half by 54 points to 28 and whilst coach McCusker was mindful of the required "40 point margin" required to open the league title up again, the emphasis was on maintaining discipline at both ends whilst chipping away at the lead.

Going into the 4th quarter leading by 30, Erks knew it was all to play for and a 13 point swing in the fourth meant Erks ran out comfortable winners.

During his post match interview, the Saints coach commented "I tried all my usual shouting inane comments to the refs, the players, etc whilst prancing up and down the line - but all to no avail. I realise now that the smug look I had on my face when we beat Erks earlier in the season has now been well & truly wiped off".

Erks scorers: Mark Denchfield 35 (including 8 threes); Shaq; Robin French 3; Martin Overare 4 (2 up and under Michael Jordan moves but 2 wide open missed lay ups); Twinkle Toes Lee Atkinson 4; Declan; Keith Pringle 15; Jonny Lee 3; Pete Prazych 27; Garbage Time Dave Churches 12

Match Report

Erks 81 - Mavericks 75

Friday 20th March, 2009 @Erks

On Friday, the Erks hosted another bottom of the table side Mavericks, this time in the Essex league, however in the first of two setbacks, with Keith Pringle and Shaq caught in traffic, the Erks were forced to start with Mark Denchfield at point guard. Furthermore, despite playing at half pace in a boiling hot gym, Churches had picked up a back injury the previous night reaching over the back of Ernie Wise for one of his trademark offensive fouls, and it remained to be seen how much that would compromise his game.

It was the first setback that proved more costly, at least initially, as Denchfield was repeatedly stripped by the Mavericks Chris Mark and Mwitwa as the visitors bolted off to an 8-0 start. The Erks offense was also struggling to get into synch, as it became clear that Churches back injury was forcing him to camp in the low post, which although he spent most of the first 20 years of his career playing there, is not an area that he frequents by choice much any more.

Fortunately once the confused Jonny Lee stopped bumping into his newfound post partner, the Erks started to move the ball inside out and once Denchfield stopped coughing up the ball, the Mavericks fast break struggled and the Erks quickly rallied to 14-13 up.

The impovement continued in the second quarter and although the pace became a bit too up and down, the Erks took a halftime lead of 36-32 and would surely kick on in the second half, with Pringle fully acclimatised.

That didn't prove to be the case, as the Erks defense was virtually non-existant in the 3rd quarter, the Mavericks hitting a variety of uncontested jump shots and lay ups as they tallied 27 points in the period, to take a 59-54 lead. The only bright spot for the Erks was at the offensive end, where although the outside shots weren't falling, Churches had started to roll back the years, with a wide range of post moves that for once were ending with a strong move to the basket rather than a fade away or dribble across the lane. Churches hit 14 points in the period to move to 25 for the game and also had his opposite number Vince Gold on 4 fouls as he struggled to contain Churches passable impression of Hakeem Olajuwon.

The call at the start of the 4th quarter was for stronger man to man defense and more of the same on offense, with the inside game hopefully bringing opportunities for the outside shooters, who had been quiet up until that point. That was exactly how it turned out, the Erks contesting every jump shot, despite a couple of breakdowns that allowed 4 quick points for Bobby Charlton, and at the offensive end the Erks jumped into a lead on the back of 4 three pointers, 2 of them on successive possessions from Mark Denchfield that broke the Mavericks resistance.

The final minute became a free throw shooting procession for the Erks, who by this time were leading by six and although they only made half their shots, the Mavericks couldn't put the pressure on and the Erks didn't self-destruct, so once the pivotal 0.83 second mark had been passed, the Erks were home and dry.


Churches 36, Denchfield 15, Pringle 14, Sanghera 6, Atkinson 6, French 2, Lee 2

Posted: March 24th 2009

Match Report

Tigers 22 - Erks 107

Thursday 19th March, 2009 @Tigers

Erks maintainted their playoff push with back to back wins this week. The first game against a depleted Tigers side gave Lee Atkinson the opportunity to confirm that he is not just an 80% unopposed mid-range jump shooter when partnering Dave Churches in 21's, and gave everybody else the opportunity to jack up some threes, run up and down a bit and generally get a sweat on in an Eastbury gym that was heated to approximately 40c.

Some took to the challenge with a greater degree of hunger than others and Robin French was denied the opportunity to record his career high after being rested in the 4th quarter by a compassionate coach Churches, who was concerned that after a recent stint in hospital French wouldn't have enough in the tank for the next night's game if he kept firing away. There was also a concern that there weren't enough balls on the court to keep French, Martin and Lee happy.

In other highlights, 5 out of the 6 Erks players hit a trey, the exception being Lee Atkinson, who preferred to keep making 2's rather than move the extra foot away from the basket that turns him from an 80% shooter into a 10% shooter.

Former league secretary Brian Pittman made the first Tigers basket with the final shot of the first quarter, to leave the hosts 2-31 behind, but the Tigers racked up 10 points in the final 4 minutes after Greenidge found his range from the corners, mostly in Jonny Lee's face.


Atkinson 30, Overare 27, French 25, Churches 13, Lee 7, Williams 5

Posted: March 24th 2009

Match Report

Mavericks 69 Erks 91

Wednesday 25th February, 2009 @Mavericks

With only 7 players available due to 'work commitments', Erks dominated the first quarter 28-12 and never looked in danger of losing against old enemy Mavericks. The team talk by 'stand in' coach Dave Churches remained short and sweet... reflecting an unaccustomed display of non-tourettes.

Point guard Keith Pringle sprained his ankle in the 3rd quarter allowing Mark to show off his lack of dribbling skills. Undeterred he continued to pound the leather off the ball for the whole of the second half.

Mavericks 'walking pace' fast break was causing the lazy Erks some problems. Therefore coach Churches called on his players to 'sprint back on defence'... obviously not quite rising to the challenge, as the lumbering centre consistently managed to beat the team back.

Erks relaxed and played some scrappy basketball in the 4th quarter allowing the home team to make the score respectable.

Erks scorers:

Mark 34, Pete 18, Martin 12, GarbagetimeDave 12, Keith 10, Frenchy 3, Lee 2

Posted: March 3rd 2009

Match Report

Southend Saints 77 Erks 57

Tuesday 10th February, 2009 @Saints

Erks title hopes now out of their hands as they fall by 20 to Saints.

The scoreline slightly flattered the Erks as a late 10 points in final minute brought the deficit down. With Erks trailing 50 - 39 going into the final quarter, the writing was on the wall.

Garbage Time Dave Churches was interviewed afterwards about his 3 point haul (coming from 1 downtown shot from 5; being 0 from 0 inside the key; and 0 from 4 whilst driving from the high post towards the side line whilst chucking up fade away prayers) - the Garbage Man cried "I was getting fouled every time I go the ball" - his team mates walked away in embarrassment at his version of events!!

In a further twist, the interviewer asked the Garbage Man if his frustration at the result would be taken out on Cardinals this Friday night. Garbage then mumbled "I can't make Friday's game - I've got to take Ali out for Valentines night and Saturday is too expensive so we are going on Friday". Having watched this perfomance, Cardinals are distraught Church will not be there.

(Interview conducted by Mike Wood, ex secretary of the Essex Met League)

Posted: February 12th 2009

Match Report

Erks 91 Brightlingsea Sledgehammers 86

Tuesday 18th November, 2008 @Brightlingsea Sports Centre

Ants Roujiihainen

Erks signalled that they were serious title contenders this year with an impressive win at Hammers on Tuesday night. Coach McCusker had a relatively small team at his disposal for this game with Dave Churches and Jonny Lee the only recognised "big men" however in the end this wasn't to be a factor. Erks line up this year boasts some new faces including guards Ants Rouhiijainen and "Shaq" Sanghera. Ants is a particularly impressive player who can shoot the trey as well as drive strong to the hoop.

At the start both teams traded baskets however it was Hammers who were into their stride quicker and rapidly built a six point advantage. Mark Denchfield and Ants kept the Erks close with treys while Jonny Lee added 4 points from the paint. By the close of the quarter the margin was 5 points.

The second period started with a flurry of Hammers points and the home side's lead increased up to 13 points. The visitors didn't panic however and, with Dave Churches, Keith Pringle and Ants getting offensive success, the deficit at the half was cut back to 4 points.

The third quarter is always a critical one for the Erks. Fortunately the visitors started well and by the 3rd minute had pegged the scores level at 47 each. Both teams traded the lead, the Hammers via their effective fast break while the Erks relied on offense from Denchfield (10 points) Pringle (7) and Rouhiijainen (5). By the end of the quarter it was a one point game 65 - 66 with the (slight) advantage still with the home side.

Dave Churches (#15) 
and Mark Denchfield (#5)

All to play for going into the final quarter and when Churches opened the period with a score everything looked rosy for the Erks. Then the Hammers hit 7 unanswered points to regain the lead 67 - 72. Advantage back to Hammers.

A trey from Dave Churches signalled the fightback. More points and trips to the foul line from Denchfield (8) and Churches (9) kept the Erks in front and by the time the buzzer sounded, they were 5 points in front and able to register an excellent win over last season's League Champions.

Most impressive was the overall balance and confidence of the team. Everyone contributed either through points, strong defense or both and it all added up to produce a very good team performance.

Erks' next Essex Basketball League game is at Mavericks on December 10th. Erks' next Essex Metro League game is on Friday 21st against Lakers who feature former Erk Craig Pringle.

Erks scorers:

Mark Denchfield 26, Keith Pringle 22, Dave Churches 19, Ants Rouhiijainen 14, Jonny Lee 6, Lee Atkinson 4, Declan McCusker, Shaq Sanghera.

Hammers scorers:

J Matthews 20, J Keeling 15, M Ward 15, A Ward 13, R Scott 7, F Ariyo 7, C Dockrell 5, C Wilson 4.

Posted: November 20th 2008

2008 / 9 Fixtures now available

This season's EBL fixtures have now been released and have been posted up.

(Posted: 31.10.08)